Energy Savings

Window treatments can reduce your homes energy use.  Window treatments are less expensive than buying windows that are more energy efficient.  Installing quality blinds inside your home can increase the energy effciency of your home but the quality of the blinds play a large part in the amount of efficiency that you will get.  Most of the savings will come from the materials that the blinds are constructed of.  Some of the common “mini” blinds are made of a very thin plastic material that will not provide much in the way of insulation to your home.  The higher quality brands of blinds are constructed of a much thicker and durable polymer or composite material.  This material will provide an excellent insulation for your home. The wood blinds will provide a great amount of insulations for your home and increase your savings.

Fabric blinds such as drapes and curtains and shades will do a wonderful job of insulation and creating an air barrier from the cold Grand Rapids weather here in West Michigan.  Just like the blinds, draperies come in different styles and quality of materials. The higher quality material is often thicker and will generally inform you of some type of energy savings on the packaging.  When you order your draperies or blinds from Michigan Express  Blinds we will point you to the best products for your energy savings plan and the products that will fit best with your ideal home decor.

Shutters are also an excellent energy savings window treatment.  The strong hardwood of the shutters will provide a great barrier from the cold outside air and keep more of your warm air inside where it should be. Cellular shades are made specifically to create an insulating shield for your home.  Cellular shades will help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with their honeycomb structures forming a pocket of controlled air.