Wood Blinds Grand Rapids

Premium wood blinds provide a stunning and elegant look to any home.  The warmth from the wood blinds will make your room more inviting and relaxing.  Wood is a great choice if you are looking to create a comforting and natural look to your home.  Our trained design consultants can match your new wood blinds color and stain to your homes current decor.  Wood will provide a fresh and inspiring new look to your home. We have many types of styles, colors, and stains of wood blinds due to the popularity in the Grand Rapids area.

Custom hard wood blinds provide the quality and beauty of the countries top manufacturers.  Our products are American made, made from North American hardwoods grown from sustainable forest management and customized for your specific window.  Hardwood blinds are built to last. The wonderful qualities that are found in hard wood flooring, such as its durability, beauty, easy to clean.  Our wood blinds selection offers a wonderful variety of colors and styles that will add beauty, insulation, style and privacy to your home for years to come.