Composite Blinds


Composite material can be the perfect solution for some of your window covering needs. The composite material provides a wonderful wood look with the durability of composite polymer resins.  Composite or faux wood blinds are often chosen in bathrooms due to the nature of wood to warp over time when subjected to the damp conditions in most bathrooms and kitchens.  Wood does work wonderfully in all other parts of the home. With the composite polymer resin material, the faux wood adds a warm wood look to your room or can add a more modern style to your home with the various color and texture options available.

Composite blinds and faux wood blinds are strong and sturdy.  They are often a bit heavier than the wood blinds and require more support from the tapes or cords, which also come in many beautiful colors and designs and add extra privacy.  See the beautiful tape option on a set of faux wood blinds below. Composite blinds are often a less expensive option compared to wood blinds.  Composite blinds are easy to wipe clean and will not peel or fade over time.