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Commercial Window Coverings  –  Blinds and Shades

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Is your business looking for new window coverings?  Michigan Express Blinds can provide quality shades and blinds for a variety of budgets and building sizes.  We can provide custom blinds, vertical and horizontal, aluminum mini-blinds, custom roller shades and sunscreens. Our team of design managers will partner with you or your design team to professionally review your specific needs. Your window covering needs will be reviewed by our experienced team and we will provide top quality products from only the best quality manufacturers.



Our window coverings are customized for your businesses window size and style, providing the most light control and energy savings.  Our shade fabrics will help to reduce the solar heat generated and provide comfort and style. We have 100’s of designs and styles to choose from for our shade materials.  If heat is a main concern, we have solar shades that will provide a heat reduction that will return your business to a comfortable level.  We offer a range of remote controlled shades and blinds for added convenience. Privacy and safety are addressed with our shades as well, providing a custom visibility level.


Your windows are important to you and that’s why we offer many economical methods of making sure that your windows are beautiful and professional.  Our mini blinds are the most economical but remain a professional and visually appealing option.  We can offer 100’s of colors and styles in an aluminum mini blind as well.  Our vinyl blinds will provide a stylish yet economical option for your office with style choices that will fit any office decor. We offer vertical and horizontal blinds.